February Happenings

heart to lag blogPlan a special Valentine’s Day visit with your sweetie to the Gallery!  Enjoy Johnny’s special Sweetheart Fudge.  Take a walk along our babbling creek or up the hill to the magical, hand-crafted homes, Mud Dauber and Moonshadow.  The gallery will be open Saturdays and Sundays throughout February.  If you would like to come different day, please call or email to arrange it.

Patrick and Johnny are expanding the Creek Trail up to the Hemlock Grove and Fern Gully.  It will go through fragile, yet exceptional landscapes, such as the currently endangered hemlocks.  This trail will be easy to moderate, with a 30-minute round by the cave and very little climbing.  There will also be a longer 1-hour trail up to Moonshadow.

Carol is in the process of making pottery signs for our nature trails.  These trails are soon to become self-guided with print and electronic information available describing points of interest, tree identification, forest ecology and geology, and historical notes.

The weather may be chilly, but the gallery and company are warm… Come on out and see us!


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