Liquidambar Art Gallery

at Sequatchie Valley Institute

Open Feb. 20-21      11-4pm CST

The gallery is open and so are the trails.  Temperatures both days will reach the upper 50’s and the creek is clear and beautiful, running over the giant rocks beneath the hemlocks.  The daffodils and a few other brave wildflowers are peeking out now.  We’ll be waiting for you with a pot of hot coffee or tea,  so come on out and cross our footbridge to see Patrick’s newest creations.  Plenty of Carol’s mugs and pendants, along with Michelle’s watercolors are also available.  Wear your hiking shoes and walk up our nature trails to Moonshadow.  See you then!

NOTE:  The gallery may not be open next weekend, Feb. 27-28, so check our postings before you come.

Johnny is inviting you to join him on our newest trail, Hemlock Grove Trail, which follows the creek and then travels gently up to Moonshadow.

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