Mother’s Day is Coming! Gallery Open April 30-May 1

Patrick will be back at the Gallery this weekend!  His fabulous Kaleidoscopes and handmade glass pendants make very special gifts for the special mother in your life.

Michelle  will also be at the Gallery Saturday and Sunday, painting and throwing pots.  If you could like to see more of her work and hear about her techniques,  this is your chance.  Call her or the gallery at 949 4598/5922 to be sure she isn’t out painting or playing in the forest somewhere!  You may have seen her beautiful watercolor,  Spinning Patterns, at the Sequatchie County Friends of the Library Art and the Library Exhibition Reception at the City Hall Training Center in Dunlap, TN.  The Exhibition will also be open this weekend during the ValleyFest in Dunlap.

Carol will be presenting her pottery, including the new work from the latest kiln firing, at the ValleyFest. Her booth will be between the Bank and the Chamber of Commerce, so look for her there!  She will also have plenty of work to choose from at the Gallery, in case the rain keeps you away from the ValleyFest (hope for clear skies!).  The ValleyFest begins at 9 am Saturday and lasts till 9 pm at night, Central Time.  Sunday hours are from 12-5 Central Time.

Check out the Liquidambar Gallery Facebook page to see new work by Carol and Michelle.

And, don’t forget the trails are open!  Our creek is now very low–the rain this weekend may bring it back.  There is nothing more romantic than walking through the cathedral-like towering hemlocks beside the babbling creek along Hemlock Grove Trail.



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