Come celebrate the first day of April on our trails! Spring Wildflower Hike Saturday, April 8. Spring 2017 S.V.I. Schedule.

The woods are glowing with the tiny green leaves of springtime and the weather is perfect.  Hick’s Creek is flowing, and it’s now possible for the kids to wade or perhaps even brave the clear, cold water for a dip! This is the finest time of year to hike the trails, so come on out and see what’s in the Gallery now.  No April Fools there!

Our last Spring Wildflower Hike of the season will be
Saturday, April 8
See below for the details.

Come out and enjoy springtime in the beautiful Sequatchie Valley.
We are only 45 minutes from Chattanooga by car, but an infinite distance in peace and quiet with the opportunity to enjoy the natural world, hike on trails in a pristine forest, and experience a sustainable lifestyle. Plan to visit Liquidambar Art Gallery at S.V.I. to shop for exquisite handmade art and crafts produced by staff and regional artists. All sales help benefit S.V.I. non-profit educational programs.

All times are CST, 1 hour behind Chattanooga time.
For additional events, watch the websites and Facebook listed below!

Each Weekend – Liquidambar Art Gallery, Nature Trails, and Arboretum open 10 am-5 pm CT

The gallery and the studios will be open Spring through Fall 10 am-5 pm CT Sat. and Sun. with special events, including snacks and teas, hikes, workshops, and other outdoor activities. Open other days by appt. Keep up with The Gallery’s Website, and visit the Main S.V.I. Website for more details on the land.

Saturday, Apr. 8 – Spring Wildflower Hikes.

Hiking begins at 1 PM Central time.  Please arrive by 12:30. For a tour of the solar hand-crafted homes and gardens arrive at 11 am.  All ages welcome, no pets please. The hikes will be accompanied by naturalists, foresters, and bio-enthusiasts familiar with the geography, ecology and biology of the area. There will be 2 hikes each day, one a moderate 2 hr hike, the other a 4-hour rugged mountain trail hike.

Donation of $8-$20 requested.

Saturday, Apr. 22-23—Earth Day and National Environmental Education Week            

We’ll be open for hiking and other outdoor activities for all, with special emphasis on kids.  Public and home-schoolers welcome!

Friday, April 28-Sunday April 30 – Food for Life Conference

The 19th Annual gathering for skills-building around Permaculture, organic gardening, food preservation, methods of cooking and diet choices, discovering native medicinal and edible plants, and health and nutrition. We will also focus on the social and ecological implications of agriculture, including factory farming and local small-scale agriculture.  Kids’ sessions will emphasize health, food, and outdoor adventure. Sliding scale of $100-$200 includes all meals and rustic camping.

Saturday, June 3 – National Trails Day

S.V.I. will host guided hikes and trail maintenance on National Trails Day® which brings together outdoor enthusiasts across the country to promote healthy living, protect green spaces, and reinforce the importance of trails in our community.   This event is for all ages, and will bring kids into contact with the wonders of our forest and mountain.

Learn more at

Workshops and programs at the Sequatchie Valley Institute are
intentionally affordable using a scale based on income.

For more information, contact:
Sequatchie Valley Institute

1233 Cartwright Loop
Whitwell, TN 37397

PHONE: (423) 949-5922/4598.

S.V.I. Facebook (link)

Gallery Facebook Page (link)

The Sequatchie Valley Institute is a a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization promoting education and research in sustainable green living, ecology, and art. We offer opportunities to experience and learn about living in harmony with nature by providing:

  • tours for kids, scouts, and adults: Permaculture gardens, forest trails and solar hand-crafted homes
  • workshops and programs emphasizing healthy natural and sustainable living                  
  • education, research, and art programming
  • three hundred acres of forest with trails, protected forever by the Land Trust for Tennessee
  • a tree-top retreat center available for meetings, weddings, and other events
  • Liquidambar Art Gallery presenting fine art by local artists, hiking and picnicking

Michelle’s lovely paintings:

Patrick’s amazing kaleidoscopes and glass:

Check out Carol’s bird feeders, mugs, and dishes.  The bird feeders (filled with sunflower seed) attract an amazing variety of songbirds that will hang around all summer, helping control the summer pests in your lawn and garden, as they change their diet from seeds to bugs in order to have the energy needed to lay eggs and raise their young ‘uns.


The pottery mugs and dishes are all food safe, dishwashable, and microwaveable, and are decorated with impressions of our local plants and flowers.  Each is unique and the name of the plant is marked on every piece.

Autumn Fields on Cherry Wood

So come on out and visit!  We always love to meet new people and renew acquaintance with old friends.  We’ll be at the Gallery from 11 am to 4 pm on weekends.  You are free to come out for hiking on the trails then also–no charge!  and we provide walking poles and guides.  The guides are also available on our website.   If you would like to visit another time, just give us a call or email and we will see what we can arrange.

Groups, of both children & adults, are welcome.  We can arrange in advance for a 2-3 hour guided tour on the trails and through our gardens, greenhouse, and solar-powered houses if you would like. Contact us for more details!


Springtime Wildflower Hikes
March 25 & April 8

Food for Life
3 Days: April 28-30




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