Gallery and Trails Open June 30-July 1, 10-5 Central Time

Yes, we are open again!  Patrick now has a permanent exhibit in the Gallery with his amazing Nature of Reaction work.  We also have new watercolors by Michelle, and lots of my lovely nature-based pottery.  There may even be a bottle of muscadine wine or iced herbal tea available!

The creek is flowing beautifully, so the kids can wade or swim-be prepared for wet feet.  Of course, you can cross the footbridge if you want to stay dry.  The forest is as green as it will ever be, lovely, dark and deep.  Sourwoods are blooming along with the upcoming summer wildflowers along the trails, and hickory nuts are falling. There will be a number of branches down after this stormy week. Let us know if you want to take the Arboretum Trail, as it is a bit overgrown in places-we will be clearing it soon.

After our lovely, refreshing Florida beach trip, I will finally be getting back into my studio, and hope to finish glazing the spring mugs.  Lots of hops beer mugs will be coming out of the kiln next week. Act quickly if you wish to reserve one.  They go fast!

Patrick will be leaving for the Ashville, NC Southern Highlands Craft Fair July 20, and after that he will be headed out for a Colorado tour, where he will be presenting at multiple shows.  More info for our Western folks on those shows next week.

We hope to see you before then. Don’t worry, we’ll have the AC turned on so you can relax in the library.

From Carol, your friendly neighborhood potter.

Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands
71th A N N I V E R S A R Y   |  J U L Y   20 – 22  &  O C T O B E R   19 – 21,  2018
Friday through Saturday, 10:00 to 6:00 pm + Sunday, 10:00 am to 5:00pm
US Cellular Center, 87 Haywood Street | Downtown Asheville, NC


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