Open today!

You may not see another beautiful cool and clear day like this for a month, so come to the gallery and take an easy nature hike with the kids. ┬áKaleidoscopes and mugs are here now, along with Michelle’s watercolors and more.


Gallery and Trails Open July 2 and 3.

Come and try out the new Pipsissewa Arboretum Trail!  Patrick has lots of beautiful new kaleidoscopes ready to go and dogwood decorated pottery is on the shelves.  Bring a picnic for a pre 4th party!2014-11-13 17.08.40.jpg2014-11-13 17.04.56.jpgoptical.jpg

Gallery Open this Weekend!

Come on out to the valley thus weekend! Temps will be cooler we hope. We’ll make up some cold herb tea. We also have Sequatchie Cove Cumberland cheese to try. Just ask! Our easy self guided forest trails are available for hiking. Call Carol or Johnny 423 949 4598/5922 for more info.