Come Enjoy the Green, Green Forest before the leaves begin to fall! Open this Weekend, 10-5 CDT.

We have new art from Patrick, Carol, and Michelle, so come see us, and hike our easy nature trails and Arboretum.  Patrick is away  August 30 – September 3  at the 32nd Annual Dragon Con, Dragon Con and next weekend at Yellow Daisy 50th annual Yellow Daisy Festival September 6-9, 2018 Yellow Daisy Festival voted one of the top arts & crafts shows in the nation by Sunshine Artist Magazine, a Southeast Tourism Society Top 20 Event, and winner of multiple awards by the Southeast Festival and Events Association.

However, if you can’t make it to Atlanta, Patrick still has plenty of his astonishing art work, handmade glass jewelry, and kaleidoscopes in the Gallery.  Carol will be headed out to shows in October, so come by and get a first chance at her new work, including beer mugs with hops vine imprints.

Dr. Ashley has had an excellent health column in the Chattanooga Times Free Press for several years and is now leaving us.  We wanted to share his final comments on his hope for a healthier society.  Look for the full article in the August 31st edition.

*A healthy society should have open spaces for its people to hike, walk, saunter, or just sit reading a book or taking time to watch the sunset.

*A healthy society has compassion for its individual members and a reverence to the Earth that harbors them.

Here at SVI, we hold these truths to be self-evident and endeavor to provide a place for everyone to be a part of a healthy and peaceful life.  Come hike or, if you prefer AC, just sit in our Gallery library and relax or play the old piano!  Home-grown herbal tea is always a possibility.










Gallery, Studios, and Trails Open this Weekend, August 18-19, 10-5pm CDT

Rain is falling, so the creek may be flowing again this weekend!  We have just begun to reorganize the Pipsissewa Arboretum Trail, as a few trees have died, a few new ones established, and Nyssa Hunt, MS UTC, is working with us to put the map of the trail on the web.  The other trails are already mapped and available on our website,  Wear a raincoat and be ready to hike, or just plan to enjoy the Gallery and the rain on the roof.  I’ll be preparing for another firing, and Patrick will soon be back from his trip out West, and there are Asian pears to put up and share if you come by!

In two weeks, Patrick will be headed for Dragon Con and the Yellow Daisy Fair in Atlanta, and Carol’s fall craft shows begin in October, so plan to visit the Gallery while it is open and full of new work.

Gallery and Nature Trails Open this Weekend, August 4-5, 10-5!

Come see us and check out the Gallery with lots of new mugs, including Carol’s special 12 oz beer mugs with impressions of the hops vines growing outside the Gallery!  Patrick’s kaleidoscopes and sculptures can keep you engrossed and astonished.  Michelle’s watercolors will make your dark corners alight with joys.  The giant hemlocks along the quiet Hemlock Grove Trail can bring you peace and “forest bathing”, the best solution for the week’s stresses over work and politics.  And the kids need to get outside as they begin to cope with a new school year.  See you soon!!

Trails and Gallery Open July 28-29–Shiitake Mushrooms available!

Yes, we do have Shiitake mushrooms!  A huge flush on our oak logs just appeared after last week’s rain. They are $9/lb, Saturday only.IMG_4830

Carol just opened the kiln with a lovely firingIMG_0018 — lots of beer mugs with hops vine impressions, pendants, fairy dishes, and more! IMG_0025 Patrick has Kaleidoscopes and his stunning metal art displayed, along with Michelle’s watercolors.  Temps will be cooler and the trails are lovely now with the trees growing madly.  Hemlock Grove Trail is lovely as our stately hemlocks are still healthy.  We will be open from 10-5 Saturday and Sunday.

Gallery and Trails Open July 7-8.

We will be open for visitors from 10-5 this weekend, so come on out!  i hope to get a firing in soon.  Patrick has some amazing new work also.  Everyone welcome!

Gallery and Trails Open June 30-July 1, 10-5 Central Time

Yes, we are open again!  Patrick now has a permanent exhibit in the Gallery with his amazing Nature of Reaction work.  We also have new watercolors by Michelle, and lots of my lovely nature-based pottery.  There may even be a bottle of muscadine wine or  iced herbal tea available.  The creek is flowing beautifully, so the kids can wade or swim-be prepared for wet feet.  Of course, you can cross the footbridge if you want to stay dry.  The forest is as green as it will ever be, lovely, dark and deep.  Sourwoods are blooming along with the upcoming summer wildflowers along the trails and hickory nuts are falling. There will be a number of branches down after this stormy week. Let us know if you want to take the Arboretum Trail, as it is a bit overgrown in places-we will be clearing it soon.

After our lovely refreshing Florida beach trip, I will finally be getting back into my studio, and hope to finish glazing the spring mugs.  Lots of hops beer mugs will be coming out of the kiln next week, if you wish to reserve one.  They go fast.

Patrick will be leaving for the Southern Highlands Crafts Fair in Asheville July 20 Southern Highlands Craft Fair and after that for Colorado, where he will be presenting at several shows.  More info for our Western folks on those shows next week.

We hope to see you before then. Don’t worry, we’ll have the AC turned on so you can relax in the library.

From Carol, your friendly neighborhood potter.

Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands
71th A N N I V E R S A R Y   |  J U L Y   20 – 22  &  O C T O B E R   19 – 21,  2018
Friday through Saturday, 10:00 to 6:00 pm + Sunday, 10:00 am to 5:00pm
US Cellular Center, 87 Haywood Street | Downtown Asheville, NC


Gallery Closed June 8-10 for Annual Food for Life Conference!

June Dates for Gallery and Trails

June 8-10:  20th Annual Food for Life Conference at SVI.  Gallery and trails open only to conference participants.  Come and join us! You can register online at today!  Or contact us at 423 949 5922/4598/ Flyer 2018 Albertus Bold - current

For the full schedule, download ffl schedule 2018 2

June 16-17, and June 22:  Staff holiday.  SVI, Gallery, and Trails closed.  Sorry about that!

June 23, June 30, July 1:  Gallery and Trails reopen with sunburned but rested artists, full of renewed re-created ideas and projects.

If you just have to visit us on another time, call or email to arrange a time in advance.  Call 423 949 5922; email

Gallery and Trails open May 26-28 for Memorial Day shopping, 10-5 each day

Also  free okra seedlings ready for transplanting!  We just planted way too many in flats, and have lots left.  Lots of art, too, and the creek is still running.  The beautiful Indian Pinks are now blooming in the woods.

Indian pink

So come on by.  Don’t forget-Food for Life  is coming up June 8-10.  The complete schedule will be on Facebook early next week.  We have a remarkable lineup of speakers and workshop leaders this year, and the event caters to families with a great program for the kids.  Rustic camping and fabulous meals cooked in the outdoor kitchen are included in the fees and we have Dark Sky visibility of our heavenly neighbors.

Gallery closed Saturday, May 19th, and open Sunday, May 20, 10-5pm Central time

Feel free to come out and hike our trails, picnic, play in the creek, and check out the gallery Sunday.  Patrick is at the Renaissance Fair in Franklin, Tennessee,all weekends through Memorial Day, but the Gallery will be open on most weekends.  Check out the website here, facebook, or call us at 423 949 5922/4598 for details on when we are open.


And don’t forget that Food for Life is coming up June 8-10!